You are responsible for your own personal preparedness. Make sure you and your household have what you need to withstand emergencies. Our emergency responders give their all to keep our community safe but they can’t do it alone. You can take some simple steps to be emergency ready.

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Know the risks

Types of emergencies that can affect our community. 

Have a plan

Everyone needs one. You can have a plan in less than 20 minutes. Start by filling in your Emergency Preparedness Guide  and get thinking about what you need to get through an emergency. 

Get a kit

If you can’t leave your home and have to shelter in place you will need supplies. The same goes for when you are evacuated and utilities and local businesses are unavailable. Experts recommend you have at least 72 hours (3 days) worth of supplies to keep you and your household safe and healthy.

You can make a kit with a backpack or duffle bag anytime. Start with these items and build on it with anything else you may need. Plan to have at least 72 hours worth of supplies. Kits can be added to your vehicle as well.